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Monday, November 13, 2006

Note: we're bringing back the reports!

Have you ever had a poo that was, like, twisty? That's the only way I can describe this one. It was like a soft serve spiral twist of mocha and chocolate. I don't know what the hell I ate, but I wish to never eat it again.

As a reminder, here's the guide to our poo ratings:

BF: The Burn Factor (0 none, 5 call the fire department)
MI: Messy Index (0 clean getaway, 5 get a mop)
TP^2: Toilet Paper Squares used (0 impossible, 5 means go to costco to get more rolls)
FL: Number of flushes
ST: Stink Factor (0 none, 5 don't go in there!)

So for our first report of the season, I present the Twisty:
BF: 2
MI: 3
TP^2: 8
FL: 1
ST: 4


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