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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Four Million Suffering From 'Toilet Phobia' In Britain

London, United Kingdom (AHN) - According to an estimate of the National Phobics Society, more than four million people suffer from 'toilet phobia' in Britain.

National Phobics Society has has launched a campaign to create awareness of this phobia. It revealed that the problem remains 'secret' due to the stigma attached to it.
Nicky Lidbetter, an official linked with National Phobics Society, said: "Few people will talk about having an anxiety disorder in the first place, but for them to admit that they have a toilet-related phobia is rare because of the obvious embarrassment and humiliation of being laughed at or not being taken seriously.""But, no matter how funny we might find it, it's certainly no laughing matter for almost seven per cent of the population who are reported to suffer from this condition," Lidbetter added.


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