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Friday, February 25, 2005

A republishing for December of 2002, because this entry was just so damn good:

Dude. Ever since I've been back on the east coast, I've had the most satisfying, cleanest, and downright biggest dumpage. I think it's the altitude difference. At high altitude, there's less air pressure exerted on your abdomen, resulting in airier and more spread out excrement. At low altitude (and near the coast), the combination of salt in the air and a higher air pressure results in more compacted, drier, poopies.

TP^2: 10
MI: 0/5*
ST: 1/5
FL: 1

* You may ask, how is an Messy Index of 0 possible? One would expect that the act of releasing a brown, sticky, substance from the anus would tend to leave at least a token marker behind (pun intended). However, I would like to now summarize a theory that has been debated for several years now here at Fudge HQ.

Up until recently, most fudgologists have accepted that MI=0 was a theoretical minimum limit of messiness, and as such, asserted that MI>0 will always be true. I proposed that a condition exists which can set MI = 0.

A deeper understanding of gastrointestinalstatics led me to realize that the mere act of dropping an 'ideal' poop could, in fact, clean up after itself!

I'd like to pause here, however, to emphasize that the achievement of an ideal deuce has never caused me to forego wiping. Besides the fact that not wiping is gross, you must also realize that one cannot fully verify the presence of an ideal poop until after an initial wiping.

Let me continue. The ideal poop must exhibit the following traits:
1. Larger radius at the end than at the beginning.
2. Completely unbroken structure.
3. High density.

All three of these traits will result in a 'vacuum' effect, whereby the following actions are achieved:
1. Each layer, starting at the beginning of the poop, will "clean up" the previous layer's trail.
2. The "inverse cone" shape will slowly exert more cleaning pressure as the poop progresses.
3. The sudden drop in force exerted by the tail end of the poop upon the outer rim of the poop shoot effectively creates a momentary vacuum that forces all remaining particles to either return upstairs or follow the drop out to the toilet.

This assertion that MI can =0 is a radical departure from the traditional MI>0 thinking, and as such, Fudge HQ has coined the process "Sudden Crapulation-Induced Depressurization of the Sphincter." SCIDS is still only a theory, but Fudge HQ will be performing the first clinical trials on monkeys starting in Q1 of 2003.


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