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Thursday, February 24, 2005

AOL CityGuide: Boston - What's Going On - American Sanitary Plumbing Museum - Overview: "American Sanitary Plumbing Museum

Ever since man realized he could do better than digging a ditch in the woods, sanitary plumbing has been one of the hallmarks of an advanced civilization - Rome had it, and so did ancient India. In this Worcester museum founded by plumbing salesman Charles Manoog in the '70s, you'll find everything from rudimentary outhouses to 19th century toilet paper to an ''earth cabinet,'' which flushes with lime instead of water. There are also examples of early dishwashers and bathtubs, but it's the water closets that are VIPs here.

The main attractions are on the upper level of the two-story warehouse museum, with the lower level devoted to plumbing machinery and trade magazines. Tours of the entire site are available to plumbing students as well as the general public. -- Dan Avery"


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