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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Man gets the poop on outsourcing - Yahoo! News: "Man gets the poop on outsourcing

By Holly McKenna Mon May 2,12:58 PM ET

DELMAR, N.Y. (Reuters) - Computer programmer Steve Relles has the poop on what to do when your job is outsourced to India.

Relles, one of a rising number of Americans seeking new opportunities as their work shifts to countries with cheaper labor, has spent the past year making his living scooping up dog droppings as the 'Delmar Dog Butler.'

'My parents paid for me to get a (degree) in math and now I am a pooper scooper,' Relles, a 42-year-old married father of two told Reuters. 'I can clean four to five yards in a hour if they are close together.'"


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